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    That which does not serve


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    That which does not serve Empty That which does not serve

    Post by Metigiikwe on Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:50 am

    I am so very grateful for this goddess archetype: Destroyer Creator Preserver. The video asked to use three different candles to focus on each aspect of this goddess. I am a writer and so it makes more sense to me to write out my thoughts for each one. Currently I am working on destroyer. As I write I go back to "That which does not serve me." I am writing in black ink and will fill pages and pages until all that I need to destroy is out. Then I will burn the pages and watch and meditate until the campfire goes out. "That which does not serve me" is applicable on so many levels, from inner scripts to stuff around my house. (I see a garage sale in my future). I have held back for so many years. Now is time to step out of myself to meet myself.

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